Darf ich vorstellen? ... unser Team!

May I introduce? ... Our team! There's a whole team behind the Learn German With Anja YouTube Channel and the 3Plus1 German Academy. Together, we work every day to help you learn German!



Chief German Lady

Hello! I'm Anja and I'm from Germany. I speak 4 languages: German, English, Spanish and French. I started the Learn German With Anja YouTube channel while teaching in Thailand (long story ;)). I'm so happy I can help you learn German on the YouTube Channel and in my Academy!



Hallo! I'm Ramona, and I'm the Grammatik-Tante (grammar auntie) on the team! You can find me in the 3Plus1 German Academy where I help create our German courses (dialogues, grammar explanations, exercises etc.) and answer the most difficult grammar questions! I also help Anja prepare Youtube videos for you. 



Hi! I'm Johanna, German but currently living in sunny Spain! I help the students in our 3Plus1 German Academy with any questions they have (related to the German language, of course)! I spend a lot of time in our 3Plus1 Community, so if you join one of our challenge, we'll surely meet there. ;)


Newsletter Inventor

Hallo! I'm Anne, and together with Anja,  I take care of the email newsletter with jokes, fun facts, and new vocabulary to learn every week! If you like the funny jokes and dry German humour... well, that's me ;) 

And if you think "Newsletter? Anne, what are you talking about?",  then click this link and sign up now


English-german genius

Hallo und G'Day! I'm Chrissy, German-Australian. I currently live close to München - yeah, Oktoberfest! I use my bilingual brain to create translations, exercises and audio recordings on the flashcards in our 3Plus1 German Academy - so if you'd like to hear my (ahum, angel's) voice, that's the place to be!


We're hiring!

We're always looking for more people to help us run the courses in our Academy. If you're a:

- Support Guru

- German teacher

- Comedy author/ Creative writer

- or want to help with something else

...then don't hesitate to send us a message on this page!