Welcome back to our series on German nouns! What we’re going to talk about today is German noun declensions. Those are all

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Everything you need to know about German noun declensions

Hello students, and welcome to our talk on gender identity. German noun genders, that is. Yes, that’s right, the German language has

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How to make sense of German noun genders

Welcome, my incredible students, to our series on the most “substantial” building block of language: nouns! In German, nouns are what the

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Your ultimate overview of German Nouns

Today we’re going to talk about stuff and things and ideas! More specifically, we’re going to look at how we make the

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How to make Nouns in German

Well, one of the first things you’ll learn in German is how to ask questions. For that, we have to learn some

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How To Ask Questions In German – With Exercises

In my experience with students who learn German, most of the struggles happen in the beginning when they start to learn the

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Awesome Hints To Guess The Right German Article – With Exercises

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